A Design Driven, Aesthetic Obsessed, Data Minded, Media Savvy Creative Thinker

That's me in a nutshell. By trade, I'm a marketing maven and graphic design junkie, but that doesn't begin to cover my love for all things creative, media and tech-related. My bread and butter will always be the Adobe Creative Suite, but I dabble in a bit of everything: photography, video production, SEO & Google Analytics, social media marketing, copy writing & editing, advertising research, buying, coordination, conceptualization and design, blog management & WordPress customization, journalism & light reporting, photojournalism, pre-press production and layout design. It feels like there's little I haven't done or couldn't learn to do in a few days time.

Origin Story

Born and bred in Charleston, SC, I'm the daughter of damn Yankee and an Edisto farm girl. Art and creativity was always important to my family: my mom drew and painted beautiful flowers; my dad penned his own childhood comic book series. I graduated from the University of South Carolina and pursued my love of the facts, information and journalism in Craig, CO at a small town newspaper, working as a page designer, copy editor, photographer, video editor, online content manager and print/digital advertising designer (obviously, I wore many hats). After 2 years in the west and the newspaper industry, I moved to Long Island, NY and began working as a creative in marketing and public relations.

Describe Your Perfect Job

Above everything else that may follow, I am happiest when I know the work I'm doing makes a difference to someone and has an impact on others. Industries that interest me are non-profits, conservation/nature, advertising, consumer goods, technology and media. I'm fiercely loyal and will go to the ends of the Earth for good people who believe in me and help me flourish. On the flip side, I also value my personal life and enjoy having a dedicated work-life balance that I can rely on. My attitude is best when I have clear expectations for everything; I'm an analytical worker who is most efficient when provided with lists, data, tangible goals and bullet points. I work best one-on-one with other people in a collaborative setting and enjoy being a part of a creative team that can learn and grow from one another. I'm no natural orator and I'm a terrible liar, but when it comes to marketing and creative, I'm worth my salt.

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