'Luck Is Not a Business Strategy' Social Media Campaign

Would you cross the street without looking both ways? How about taking a gamble on some questionable seafood for lunch? There are a lot of decisions you make every day that you wouldn’t leave up to chance, so why would you bank on a lucky break as a strategy for business growth? Alcott HR takes on the administrative headaches of running your business, freeing you up to do what you went into business to do in the first place. 
Campaign concept, copy, design and implementation by Mary Austin.

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Luck is Not a Business Strategy

Luck is not a sound business strategy. Partnering with Alcott HR is! Our suite of PEO services can guide your business' strategy down the path to success by keeping you compliant, your employees happy and freeing you up to work on revenue generating activities. http://bit.ly/2FvCRyS


Trying to Recruit Without Great Benefits? Good Luck!

Looking to recruit great talent for your organization without great benefits? Good luck! Now more than ever, it’s important to offer access to competitive, Fortune 500-type benefits to remain an employer of choice to prospective new team members. Alcott HR's benefits offerings can help you keep your top talent and level the playing field with larger companies. http://bit.ly/2G9e9pf





Don't Just Wish for a Better Payroll Solution

Don't just wish for a better payroll solution. Alcott HR offers timely, compliant payroll services delivered by a team of accredited Certified Payroll Professionals. Our state-of-the-art web-based HRIS system means you and your employees have the freedom to manage time sheets, direct deposit information, tax forms and reports whenever you need to. http://bit.ly/2Ifcjnv



You Don't Have to Be Irish to Feel Lucky!

You don't have to be Irish to feel lucky. Alcott HR is committed to delivering world-class customer service to our clients and their employees. When you call our office, you won't be routed through an automated menu or a call center. You'll speak with a dedicated specialist who is focused on solutions, not excuses. Read more about what our current clients love about us: http://bit.ly/2p28HfL




You're In Luck!

If you're hoping to grow your business, recruit and retain great talent, increase revenues and enhance compliance, then you're in luck! Alcott HR's all-inclusive PEO model helps businesses of all sizes stay competitive. And we're much easier to find than a four-leaf clover. Reach out to schedule a no-strings-attached assessment today: http://bit.ly/2HkVPca